John Shoemaker

Owner, Director

John's children think he goes to work to play with puppets and eat food. His wife has not corrected them.

Ryan Freng

Owner, Creative Director

Bears eat beets. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. That should do it.

Scott Pfeil

Owner, Director of Operations

This is Pfeil. He is everything that embodies two consonants next to each other. Business, Leadership, Synergy, Masters Degree.

Julia Smith


Pen Thief. 7. Red Wine Drinker. Packer Fanatic. 2nd Place in Fantasy Football League. Joyful Practitioner of Life.

Philip Hetue

Design Lead

Given the honorary name “Frolics With Fonts” by an old Indian chief, Phil responded, “Typefaces.” Now there is no honor; there is only shame.

Maximillian Olmsted

Producer, The Ben Heck Show

What can be said about Max Olmsted? He produces The Ben Heck Show, is a comedy nerd, and he wrestles alligators in his free time. All true. You can trust us.

Jeff Bell

Lead Editor

SWM seeking SF, movie guy looking for like minded individual. Must like Charlie Chaplin, fried chicken, and editing long movies down to shorter/better versions. Jeff enjoys taking ​long walks on the beach​ short walks to the couch.