The Backflip team is comprised of talent, passion, attention to detail, attractiveness, and eight other people. Our backgrounds include #FFFFFF.

John Shoemaker

Owner, Director

John's children think he goes to work to play with puppets and eat food. His wife has not corrected them.

Ryan Freng

Owner, Creative Director

Shall we begin like David Copperfield? 'I am born...I grew up.' Wait, I’m running out of space? Ah crap, ooh, I’ve got it...

Scott Pfeil

Partner, Business Director

This is a part of Scott’s fun side, well-hid behind the business experience and his MBA background. When he donned a catsuit and sung, it literally stunned friends into a cryogenic state.

Jeff Bell

Lead Editor

Sono una cineteca. Die von Ihnen gewählte Nummer wird nicht mehr verwendet. La zona blanca es solo para carga y descarga. Je suis une omelette au fromage.

Max Olmsted

Editor & Videographer

Max's entire personality is built around the “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” series. He'll say things like, “Hey! I'm a cop at a mall!” & expect you to get the reference (true Blarters know it's the mall cop's famous catchphrase). Bottom line, study up on your Blart facts or don't talk to this guy.

Hannah Hess


A cup of caffeine almost every day, fueling creativity, she will slay. Think, draw, craft, design. Wow! Look at her smile shine! Giving praise to above you will see her pray.

Luke Kolarsky


[ lük-uh v-awl-treydz, ] SEE DEFINITION OF luke-of-all-trades
Noun a luke but handy: Camera Op, Drone Pilot, Painter, General Contractor, Sushi dissentient