057 – Emmy Award-Winning Directing with Michael Graf

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Michael Graf about his Emmy Award-Winning directing.

Watch the chat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfm7F_WQVqQ

The Let's Backflip Show - Happy Hour
The Let's Backflip Show - Happy Hour
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  • (15:43) Catching up with Michael.
  • (20:36) What does Michael do with scripts once they are finished?
  • (34:15) What is the challenging part of Michael’s job?
  • (41:59) Out of the box thinking.
  • (49:28) Script switching.
  • (56:50) Benefits and challenges of original content.
  • (1:08:10) How often do endings change in Michael’s scripts?
  • (1:13:23) Changing the story because the studio demands it.
  • (1:14:34) Political correctness and diversity.
  • (1:31:33) Movie/TV recommendations.