036 – Live Event Production with Brent Hoffman

In this Happy Hour podcast, Ryan and John chat live event production with Brent Hoffman.

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Watch the chat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b0FbjUcmJ4


  • (1:51) John had a baby!
  • (4:16) Perodigm wall wrap.
  • (8:43) Why live?
  • (13:10) Restream.io
  • (17:53) Why do you need to do that live?
  • (26:31) Multi-cam live theatre productions?
  • (31:28) What is the minimum equipment needed to go live?
  • (51:32) CONTENT!
  • (1:03:17) What live stream software do you use?
  • (1:21:48) Is there an ideal time of day to stream?
  • (1:36:07) What kind of risk is involved in doing a live event?
  • (1:43:21) How can you still incorporate swag and interactive elements into live events?