033 – Surviving a Human Trafficking Public Awareness Campaign with Rob Pero and Chad Melis

In this Happy Hour podcast, Ryan and John chat surviving a human trafficking public awareness campaign with Rob Pero and Chad Melis.

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  • (5:42) Introductions.
  • (6:52) Chad’s background.
  • (8:35) Why are we here?
  • (11;26) What is this project and why are we doing it?
  • (14:20) Timeline.
  • (15:08) From consumer outreach to a public awareness campaign.
  • (19:04) How has this work affected Chad?
  • (28:55) What has John’s experience been on this project?
  • (30:50) Sphere of influence.
  • (41:00) Stigma of judgement.
  • (44:18) Distrust between law enforcement and reservations.
  • (50:56) You are valuable.
  • (57:20) How do you market a human trafficking awareness campaign?
  • (1:01:55) Have there been challenges getting Minnesota to recognize it has a human trafficking problem?
  • (1:06:24) Approaching different age/social groups when talking about human trafficking.
  • (1:08:52) Using this work as training.
  • (1:10:55) What is the scope of this project?
  • (1:12:35) How has this project affected Chad’s family?
  • (1:16:11) Two truths and a lie.