Hey Backflippers,
(Don’t you just love that you have a nickname?)

We are applying for a small business grant sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial and we need your support!

Help us receive 250 votes on the Mission: Small Business℠ page to get closer to qualifying for a $250,000 Grant. Each business needs at least 250 votes to be considered for the grant. Eligible small business applicants will then be judged by a panel of business experts. After clicking “Support” on the home page, search for “Backflip Films” and vote for us! https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/

Now according to the rules, we are not allowed to “…entice Consumers to Vote by offering any type of consideration, gift, award, or inducement, including merchandise, cash, online currency, discounts, vote trading or anything deemed to have value in exchange for Votes.” Just so we’re clear, you get nothing. But what we can offer is this: “Pretty please!”

Your vote for Backflip simply means that you think we’re pretty cool, that you wouldn’t mind seeing Backflip grow and take on a few more super talented employees, and that you wish you could spend every waking moment just hanging out with us absorbing pure awesomeness! (Ok, maybe not that last part.)

It’s a year for voting so make it count. Vote for “Backflip Films” today!