Backflip now with 100% more 5D Mark II

We followed our own advice and bought a new Canon 5D Mark II.  It was hard to get our hands on a new one because of the electronics shortage (due to the earthquake in Japan).  I finally found one on ebay at the right price and was able to get it in time for a big shoot in Iowa.

For support we went with Jag35 because the value of their products is unmatched.  We purchased their shoulder/tripod rails system with monitor.  For sound we snagged up a Zoom H4N from Amazon.  We’re waiting on our Jag35 Follow Focus to arrive but after that we’ll just be looking for a matte box to round out our support.

The 5D Mark II captures a stunning image.  We’re very happy with it and can’t wait to show the recent work we’ve done.  We’re also working on a post that will help you get the best image out of your 5DMII with it’s advanced features and settings so keep your eyes peeled.